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Garage Door Proposal Template

A garage door proposal exhibits a construction company’s (or professional contractor’s) skills and experience in order to convince clients to assign them a project. It will showcase the project specifications and the full range of tasks the construction company or professional contractor will complete to the client’s satisfaction.

Types Of Garage Door Proposals (10)

  1. Annual Maintenance Agreement – This proposal seeks long-term projects where the client requires services such as inspections, repairs, emergency service, and replacement parts.
  2. Automated Garage Door System Proposal – Made for garage door clients that require an entire garage door system, including options such as remote control access, computerized doors, and security pins.
  3. Commercial Garage Door Proposal – Sent to clients who require industrial-level garage doors, especially those with extra security or garage systems that will have multiple users.
  4. Custom Garage Door Design Proposal – Produced to approach clients seeking a stylized garage door (i.e., unique materials or amenities).
  5. Emergency Garage Door Repair Proposal – Generated to petition clients who require emergency service immediately, focusing on repairs and replacement parts.
  6. Garage Door Opener Installation Proposal – Used whenever a client requires that a garage door opener be installed and will feature the options available (chain, belt, or screw drives) and the remote control options provided by the contractor or the construction company submitting this bid.
  7. Garage Door Repair Proposal – A bid proposal for smaller projects where the client needs no major replacement parts or systems and thus focuses on repair estimates and replacement parts.
  8. Garage Door Replacement Proposal – Construction and installation contractors will send this bid specifically to clients requiring repairs and replacements.
  9. Insulated Garage Door Proposal – Utilized whenever clients are interested in preventing heat exchange between the interior and exterior of a garage.
  10. New Garage Door Installation – This proposal is sent when a project calls for a new garage door and system installation.


What Should Be Included (8 Items)

  1. Project Summary
  2. Scope Of Garage Door Project
  3. Materials And Specifications
  4. Garage Door Project Schedule
  5. Cost Estimate
  6. Payment Terms
  7. Warranty Guarantee
  8. Portfolio

1. Project Summary

First, present a basic overview of the garage door construction project. Compose a complete but brief description of the job for this section.
  • Project Number, Title, Upgrad Details
  • Scope Of Service, Key Highlights
  • Warranty Details, Emergency Repairs
  • Timeline, Estimated Costs, Hardware Upgrades

2. Scope Of Garage Door Project

Present the client with the project work details required to meet their goals. Itemize every task required, such as installing or replacing the garage door system and its components.
  • Steps To Project Set Up, Activities Details
  • Garage Door Installation Process
  • Energy Efficiency, Door Color, Finish Options
  • Post Project Cleanup

3. Materials And Specifications

Record the pieces required for the site and installation or used by the garage door construction professionals or team. Use this list to show the number of components (i.e., motors, gears, pulley/track system, etc.) that will be needed and the cost of each such unit.
  • Supplies, Parts, Quantity
  • Unit Cost, Components
  • Frame, Panels
  • Insulation, Weather Proofing
  • Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood

4. Garage Door Installation Timeline

Break down the time scheduled for working on the project with the dates and times when the service will be performed. Divulge the daily or hourly rate of the professionals or construction team working on this project.
  • Start Date, End Date, Deadlines, Milestone Achievements
  • Technician Schedules, Delivery Schedules
  • Technician Rate Of Pay, Milestones
  • Estimated Work Time, Customization Timelines
  • Installation Timeline, Repair Timeline

5. Cost Estimate

Continue through this proposal with a realistic estimation of the labor, materials, and permits provided by the garage door construction professional or company. Present these figures both individually and as a total.
  • Labor Costs, Materials, Parts, Components
  • Cost Analysis, Project Budget, Estimated Total
  • Cost-Effective Solutions, Itemized Expenses
  • Eco-Friendly Options, Aesthetic Opportunities
  • Emergency Estimates, Cost Breakdowns

6. Payment Terms

Follow up the estimate disclosure with the terms of payment accordingly. Include the conditions the client must meet as well as any options available to them.
  • Payment Amount, Schedule, Due Dates
  • Payment Conditions, Maintenance Plan Options
  • Installation Payment Plan, Repair Payment Plan
  • Late Payment Policy, Canellation Fees

7. Warranty Guarantee

Provide the client with the warranty information as well as the cost for this project’s garage door components or system. Also, inform the customer of any post-project maintenance plans they may use.
  • Warranty Plans, Installation Warranty
  • Repair Warranty, Garage Door Warranty
  • Maintenance Plan Warranty
  • Door Material Warranties

8. Portfolio

Show the garage door construction business’s previous work since this will show the client the business’s accomplishments positively. Make this an attractive display, as well as include references and testimonials.
  • Past Work Presentation, Installation Project Portfolio
  • Customer Satisfaction, Repair Portfolio
  • Garage Door Installation Successes
  • Testimonials, References, Pledges
  • Highlighted Successful Emergency Repair