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Cleaning Proposal Template

A cleaning proposal will define the service a cleaner provides as well as the benefits of working with them. This correspondence or promotion is developed to attract clients; however, it is also helpful as a response to client inquiries.

Types of Cleaning Proposals (12)

  1. Commercial Cleaning – This proposal seeks cleaning projects for businesses and other entities (i.e., office buildings) and presents a significant discussion on the scope of work.
  2. Construction Cleanup – A proposal focusing on the dust and debris removal required after a construction project, thus presenting the necessary equipment and timeline.
  3. Educational Institution Cleaning – Proposals aimed at schools and focus on the desired cleaning schedule required by a learning facility.
  4. Emergency Or Disaster Cleanup – Proposals featuring cleaning service’s response times since the cleanups and sanitation after an event.
  5. Green Cleaning – Proposals for clients with strict needs for environmentally conscious cleaning techniques, thus highlighting the appropriate certification.
  6. Government Or Municipal Cleaning –  Cleaning proposals explicitly developed to bid on government contracts.
  7. Hospitality or Health Care Cleaning – Proposals discussing the cleaner’s sanitation and hygiene compliance because the clients are in the health care industry.
  8. Hospitality Cleaning – Cleaning proposals promoting the high standards needed by clients with projects such as motel room cleanings.
  9. Janitorial Service – A proposal for clients requiring regular facility cleanings (i.e., schools) and presents the desired service’s frequency and price.
  10. One-Time or Deep-Cleaning – Proposals geared to timelines since the client seeks a specific cleaning event within a predetermined timeframe.
  11. Residential Cleaning – Proposals approaching clients with residential homes or apartment buildings, thus often focusing on frequency and pricing.
  12. Specialized Cleaning – Proposals presenting the equipment and pricing for clients with unique or specific needs (i.e., construction project cleanups).

What Should Be Included (14 Items)

  1. Cleaning Proposal Header
  2. Cleaning Company Introduction
  3. Client Needs
  4. Scope Of Cleaning
  5. Cleaning Schedule
  6. Pricing
  7. Payment Terms
  8. Cleaning Contract Duration
  9. Insurance And Liability
  10. Cleaning Products And Equipment
  11. Safety Measures
  12. Guarantee
  13. References
  14. Terms And Conditions

1. Cleaning Proposal Header

Identify the cleaning service’s name and contact information at the top of the page.  Present the cleaning service’s slogan or logo to gain recognition, also display the date.

  • Cleaning Company Logo, Name, Contact Information

  • Proposal Title, Proposal Author, Date

  • Unique Proposition Number

  • Supporting Visuals

  • Client Name, Logo, Contact Info

2. Cleaning Company Introduction

Formally and politely, introduce the cleaning service together with a presentation of its history and approach. Continue coaxing the client with the cleaner’s abilities and desire to solve their issues.

  • Greeting, Gratitude, Overview

  • Company Introduction, Key Benefits

  • Proposal Objective

  • Understanding

  • Alignment

3. Client Needs

Address the client directly with a frank discussion defining their needs while promoting the cleaning crew’s skills. If this proposal answers an RFP (request for proposal), then explain the solutions the cleaning service proposes to aid the client.

  • Detailed Cleaning Requirements, Budgets

  • Requested Cleaning Products, Supplies

  • Special Instructions, Scheduling, Timing, Access

  • Security, Pets, Allergies, Goals

  • Additional Services, Add-Ons, CLient Signature

4. Scope Of Cleaning

Define what will be accomplished with this cleaning project as well as how it will be accomplished. Discuss, in detail, every task necessary to set up, complete, and finalize the project.

  • General Cleaning (Surfaces, Carpets, Disinfection)

  • Specialized Cleaning (Windows, Carpets, Floor Stripping, Waxing)

  • Exterior Power Wash, Frequency, Cleaning Supplies

  • Equipment, Debris/Trash Removal, Quality Control

  • Communication, Reporting, Exclusions, Customizations

5. Cleaning Schedule

Put together a project cleaning schedule containing specific start and completion dates. Additionally, assign a date (or time) to the phases the cleaner has organized for the project.

  • Schedule, Frequency

  • Days/Times, Task Breakdowns

  • Rotational Tasks, Holidays

  • Special Considerations, Emergency Cleanings

  • Schedule Changes

6. Pricing

Define the cleaner’s pricing structure for the project as well as its total. In other words, clearly and transparently describe every expense and the project’s total.

  • Billing Structure (Flat Fee, Per Task, Per Square Foot, Hourly Rate)

  • Payment Terms, Additional Costs, Service Fees

  • Terms And Conditions, Taxes

  • Discounts, Promotions

  • Optional Services

7. Payment Terms

Continue the cleaning budget together with a description of its payment requirements. Explicitly document the due dates, payment methods, and currency the cleaner will accept as payment.

  • Payment Due Date, Payment Methods

  • Late Payment Penalties, Early Payment Discounts

  • Billing Frequency, Invoice Details

  • Late Payment Procedures, Payment Disputes

  • Contract Duration, Cancellation and Refund Policies

8. Cleaning Contract Duration

Define when the cleaning contract obligations will be in effect once it is signed. If there are relevant contingencies, alternate plans, or opportunities, then define these as well.

  • Contract Start Date, Duration

  • Renewal Options, Termination Clauses

  • Contract Amendments, Notice Periods

  • Contract Expiration, Contract Termination Procedures

  • Performance Reviews, Approvals

9. Insurance And Liability

Define the insurance the client must carry while presenting the insurance the cleaner has for this project. For instance, a hazmat cleaning service should display its hazmat clearance level.

  • Liability Insurance

  • Certificate Of Insurance, Indemnification

  • Client’s Responsibilities, Subcontractors

  • Limitations, Liability, Claims Process, Force Majeure

  • Additional Insured (i.e. Whenever Client Is Added)

10. Cleaning Products And Equipment

Provide all the information needed to identify as well as assess the cleaning products necessary for the project. Also, identify every piece of required equipment with any applicable technical specs.

  • Cleaning Products, Eco-Friendly Options

  • Eco-Friendly Options, Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Equipment, Supplies, Quality, Effectiveness, Health

  • Safety, Client Preferences

  • Inventory Management, Replacements, Upgrades

11. Safety Measures

Present the efforts the cleaning service will employ to promote safety together with proof of health code compliance. For example, describe any coverings necessary to protect surfaces around the project area.

  • Safety Training, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Chemical Safety, Emergency Response, Slip And Fall Prevention

  • Security And Access Control, Safe Equipment Use

  • First Aid And Safety Kits, COVID-19 Safety

  • Client Responsibilities, Reporting Incidents, Documentation

12. Guarantee

Spell out the guarantees that can be provided by the cleaning service to the client while assuring them of the cleaner’s professionalism. For example, if a stain guard is applied, report its specifications and paperwork.

  • Service Quality Guarantee, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Re-Cleaning Policy, Response Time Guarantee

  • Consistency Assurance, Security And Pricing Guarantee

  • Insurance Coverage Guarantee, Punctuality Guarantee

  • Supervision And Quality Checks, Communication Guarantee

13. References

Display the contact information of every positive reference for the service together with the context. Whenever possible, describe previous successful projects and provide testimonials.

  • Client Testimonials, Anecdotes, Quotes

  • Permission To Contact, Case Studies

  • Awards, Recognitions

  • Client Contact Information (Name, Email, Address, Phone Numbers)

  • Photos, Logos

14. Terms And Conditions

Present the cleaning work contracts and agreements since both parties must sign them. Also, give the client some background to every legal document in this proposal.

  • Work Scope, Duration, Payment Terms, Service Schedule

  • Liability, Insurance, Termination Procedures, Dispute Resolution

  • Performance Standards, Client Responsibilities, Confidentiality

  • Force Majeure, Indemnification, Amendments

  • Governing Law, Entire Agreement, Signatures