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B2B Sales Proposal Template

A B2B sales proposal presents the services or products available from one business to another. The proposal will feature the company’s products, services, or subscriptions with the hope of effecting a sale or initiating a contract.

Types of B2B Proposals (14)

  1. Consulting Proposal  A proposal sent to companies that require advice and strategies for their current operations or projects.
  2. Contract Proposal – Proposals seeking a specific agreement or contract, thus promoting the B2B sales company’s preferred terms and conditions.
  3. Customized Sales – A proposal geared to a specific client, thus emphasizing the client’s criteria to be met.
  4. Formal Proposal – A formal document inviting one business to purchase products or services from another.
  5. Joint Venture or Partnership – A proposal where one business invites another to combine resources with a specific goal.
  6. Products/Service Overview – This proposal provides a comprehensive but attractive discussion of a B2B sales company’s available products or services.
  7. Renewal – The proposal encourages clients to renew ongoing service, a subscription, or a contract rather than letting it expire.
  8. Request for Proposal (RFP) Response – Proposals a business uses to seek a specific product or service from another.
  9. Sales Pitch Deck – Proposals designed to be engaging because they are delivered via in-person or online service (i.e., Zoom).
  10. Solicited Proposals –  B2B sales companies compose this proposal in response to a client’s inquiry while promoting its products or services.
  11. Subscription or Service Agreement – Proposals selling an ongoing service, thus presenting pricing plans, support features, and similar client concerns.
  12. Technical Proposal –  Proposals strictly for technical services or equipment and covering topics such as support and user experience (UX).
  13. Unsolicited Proposals – A proposal proactively written to initiate client contact and showcase an excellent client analysis section and sales pitch.

What Should Be Included (9 Items)

  1. Introduction To B2B Company
  2. B2B Client Needs
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. Benefits To B2B Company’s Products/Services
  5. Pricing
  6. Timeline
  7. References And Case Studies
  8. Terms And Conditions
  9. Call To Action

1. Introduction To B2B Company

Begin by familiarizing the potential B2B client with the sales company as well as the products or services being offered. Provide a discussion on the benefits of using the B2B sales company while providing incentives and promotions.

  • Salutation, Company Name, Contact Information

  • Purpose, Acknowledgment

  • Proposal’s Benefits

  • Brief Proposal Outline

  • Gratitude

2. B2B Client Needs

Produce the results of the client analysis as well as provide a history of the client’s company. Show the B2B sales client a clear understanding of the challenges faced with the current competitive landscape and current vendors.

  • Client Needs, Problem Statement

  • Impact, Root Cause Analysis

  • Client’s Goals and Objectives. Timeline, Priority

  • Concerns and Constraints, Stakeholders

  • Previous Attempts/Solutions, Alignement With Client Needs

3. Proposed Solution

Explain how the B2B sales company can solve the current challenges faced by the client with their services or product. Make this an attractive solution by addressing topics such as cost savings and ongoing benefits for the client.

  • Solution, Product/Service Description

  • Customization Options, Value Proposition

  • Scenarios, Technical Specifications

  • Integration Capabilities, Scalability

  • User Experience (UX), Timeline

4. Benefits To B2B Company’s Products/Services

Continue the discussion on the benefits with relevant scenarios and specific examples. Additionally, use this area to inform the client of any available promotions or long-term service/product plans.

  • Scalability, Flexibility, Graphics

  • Client-Centric Approach, Savings (Time, Resources)

  • Quantifiable Outcomes, Client Goal Alignment

  • Positive ROI, Short/Long-Term Benefits

  • Risk Mitigation, Customer Experience

5. Pricing

Dispense a total estimate for the B2B seller’s solutions together with a transparent record of every contributing cost or expense. Also, if applicable, present the payment plans, options, and terms.

  • Pricing Structure, Details, Payment Terms

  • Discounts, Promotions, Contract Length, Renewal Options

  • Price Guarantee, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Billing Process, Available Services, All Costs, Taxes

  • Terms and Conditions, Total Price

6. Timeline

Produce the schedule for the B2B seller’s deliverables (i.e., products, samples, services). Additionally, dispense relevant programs or dates like those for meeting schedules and implementation phases.

  • Project Start Date, Phases, Description

  • Duration, Dependencies, Interactions

  • Client Responsibilities. Review/Approval Schedule

  • Testing, Quality Assurance, Go-Live Date

  • Buffer, Communication, Reporting

7. References And Case Studies

Display the sales company’s references as well as relevant success stories because it promotes client confidence in the B2B vendor. With this in mind, furnish any testimonials or positive media mentions relevant to the client’s industry.

  • Case Studies (Problem Statement, B2B Solution)

  • Client References, Contact Information

  • Testimonials, Recommendations/Endorsements

  • Industry Status, Awards, Public Recognition

  • Confidentiality Statement, Permissions

8. Terms And Conditions

Give the B2B client all the terms and conditions of the seller’s products or services. In fact, make sure every legal agreement, waiver, non-disclosure, or waiver requiring client acknowledgment is available for review.

  • Payment Terms, Pricing, Delivery/Shipping

  • Product/Service Specs, Warranties, Guarantees

  • Returns/Refunds, Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property Rights

  • Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Termination

  • Dispute Resolution, Force Majeure, Insurance, Compliance

9. Call To Action

Compose a final statement on the benefits of the B2B sales company with marked enthusiasm. Finally, invite the B2B client to contact the company for more information or a sales contract.

  • Instructions, Contact Information, Deadline

  • Confirmation Request, Additional Information

  • Reiterate Value, Expression Of Enthusiasm

  • Gratitude, Signature Line, Attachments, Follow-Up Plan

  • Compliance Statements