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Pool Proposal Template

A pool proposal formally approaches clients as a pool services business or pool construction company bidding on a project. Such a proposal should explain how the pool services or construction business can complete the pool construction, renovation, or repair project it discusses and how this will benefit the client.

Types Of Pool Proposals (15)

  1. Commercial Pool – A commercial pool proposal will be sent to businesses such as hotels, motels, gyms, and commercial structures.
  2. Custom Pool Design – This proposal details the design process (i.e., architect or design consultations) and the steps needed to construct a pool with a unique or untraditional design.
  3. Indoor-Outdoor Pool Conversion – The pool proposal conveys the pool company’s command of construction, environmental systems, and integration since it must bid on projects where an indoor pool must be moved outdoors or an outdoor pool requires a structure around it.
  4. Indoor Pool Installation – A proposal displaying the company’s knowledge of integration, lighting, and environmental controls because the project calls for the construction of a pool inside a structure.
  5. Infinity Pool – This proposal is meant to obtain projects calling for designs where a pool seems to merge with another body of water and will require a strong focus on engineering and design for its construction.
  6. Pool Decking – This proposal showcases the pool contractor or company’s deck building and renovation services because the target project is a pool area that must be designed, constructed, or upgraded.
  7. Pool Maintenance – A long-term proposal that is aimed at clients requesting regular pool (chemical) balancing, testing, and cleaning over a set period and will focus on the pool technician or company’s plan to maintain the pool’s safe operation, structure, and system.
  8. Pool Renovation – This proposal targets projects where the pool condition is dilapidated or out-of-date and therefore requires renovations such as resurfacing, filtration, or system upgrades.
  9. Pool Repair – A repair proposal addressing clients that seek repairs to the structure of an existing swimming pool, the deck around it, or any of the systems it depends on (i.e., plumbing, filtration, lighting).
  10. Pool Landscaping – This proposal centers on the pool business’s proficiency in improving the pool’s fauna, walkways, and environmental surroundings since it targets clients with landscaping projects.
  11. Pool Lighting – The proposal needed to approach clients who wish to create or improve the aesthetics of the pool (for example, customizing a lighting system).
  12. Pool Safety Enhancement – A proposal to build or upgrade amenities (i.e., pool covers, alarms, gates, etc.) that enhance safety or are required for it.
  13. Saltwater Pool Conversion – This pool proposal will seek projects where an existing chlorine-treated pool must be converted to a saltwater pool and therefore speaks extensively to the client regarding equipment and long-term maintenance.
  14. Swimming Pool Installation – This pool proposal will focus on clients who require the construction or the installation of a new pool. As a result, there will be a focus on the pool’s exact dimensions, shape, and structure.
  15. Therapeutic Pool – This type of proposal features the pool company’s skills in constructing, installing, upgrading, or repairing therapeutic or rehabilitation pools and thus will be sent to clients such as gyms, motels, or assisted living communities.

What Should Be Included (14 Items)

  1. Proposal Title Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Introduction To Pool Business
  4. Pool Project Overview
  5. Scope Of Project
  6. Pool Design
  7. Materials And Equipment
  8. Timeline
  9. Pool Project Cost Estimates
  10. Payment Terms And Conditions
  11. Qualifications
  12. References And Portfolio
  13. Appendices
  14. Signature Execution

1. Proposal Title Page

Send this proposal with a title page that calls out the pool contractor or company’s name and contact information since it is imperative that the client can quickly identify the sender. Also, report the project name (if any) and assign a date to this proposal.
  • Pool Company Or Contractor Name
  • Contact Information And Website
  • Project Name And Proposal Date
  • Client Name And Contact Information

2. Executive Summary

Submit an outline of the proposal’s contents because this will give the client a preview of the content. In fact, use this initial area to attract the client to the pool company’s services by highlighting the basic idea of each section.
  • Proposal Summary
  • Project And Client Information
  • Pool Business’s Strengths And Skills

3. Introduction To Pool Business

Begin the proposal with an introduction to your pool construction business while focusing on aspects that would be attractive to the client. To clarify, apply the business’s background in the pool industry to show how your expertise will benefit the pool-related needs of the project and client.
  • Greeting, Purpose, Business Overview
  • Company Background
  • Expertise, Credentials
  • Design Benefits, Service Incentives

4. Pool Project Overview

Speak about the plan for the project based on your site analysis. Additionally, outline the pool design and construction process for this project.
  • Project Title And Information
  • Pool Design Style, Materials, And Aesthetics
  • Pool Company Plan For Project
  • Scheduling And Budgeting
  • Regulations, Compliance, And Permits

5. Scope Of Project

Deliver an analysis of the work required for the pool project by explaining each step the pool technician will perform. Specifically, discuss all actions, from excavation to decking to customizations.
  • Project And Site Analysis
  • Excavation And Preparation
  • Construction Materials And Pool Equipment
  • Plumbing And Electrical
  • Deck, Surroundings, Final Touches

6. Pool Design

Produce the blueprints, 3D renderings and models, and diagrams of the finished project if this is a pool design and construction client. Provide descriptions for this presentation as needed.
  • Client Vision, Consultation, And Involvement
  • Design Process Summary
  • Site Assessment, Concept, And Design Presentation
  • Client Input And Approval
  • Coordination With Construction Crews

7. Materials And Equipment

List every material and supply necessary for the pool project. Itemize the equipment, materials, and supplies by their product names (i.e., pumps, drains, heaters) and explain their purpose.
  • Materials (Pool Shell, Tile, Decking, Accessories, And Equipment)
  • Systems (Filtration, Circulation, Heating, Lighting)
  • Brand, Quality, And Warranty Information
  • Environmental And Safety Considerations
  • Additional Equipment, Tools, And Custom Materials

8. Timeline

Lay out the schedule of the pool construction, renovation, or maintenance project. Document the start and finish dates and those of notable stages (i.e., pouring concrete).
  • Project Start Date
  • Preparation, Setup, Excavation, And Construction Dates
  • Deck, Environement, And Finishing Dates
  • Installation, Water Filling/Testing, And Inspection Dates
  • Completion Date
  • Contingency Planning

9. Pool Project Cost Estimate

Report on every item’s estimated cost and total, such as the hours and pay rate of the pool technicians or every item’s quantity and unit price. Make this a time-sensitive estimate of the full project cost.
  • Labor, Materials, And Equipment Costs
  • Landscaping, Hardscaping, And Permit Fees
  • Additional Required Costs And Taxes
  • Total Pool Project Estimate
  • Expiration Of Estimate

10. Payment Terms And Conditions

Disclose all payment requirements that the client must satisfy. Also, define the consequences of late or non-payment.
  • Payment Schedule Due Dates
  • Acceptable Delivery Of Payment
  • Deposit Or Payment Plans
  • Conditions Of Payment
  • Penalties Of Late Or Non-Payment

11. Qualifications

Display the certificates, licenses, and permits the pool technician or company holds in pool construction, renovation, and maintenance. Also, include a record of any additional relevant experience with the pool project this proposal regards.
  • Team Members, Roles
  • Licenses, Experience
  • Certificates, Permits
  • Resume, Reputation

12. References And Portfolio

Continue with a list of references and images of past pool projects to emphasize the benefits of working with the pool business. Furthermore, assure the client of your pool business’s reputation for high-quality service and materials in this section.
  • Client References, Client Names
  • Client Contact Information (If Available)
  • Successful Project Presentation, Testimonials
  • Media (Photographs, Models)
  • Anecdotes, Problem-Solving Success Stories

13. Appendices

Include any additional documents, information, diagrams, agreements, or permit applications, especially if they supplement the proposal’s content. Use this area to complete any disclosures or acknowledgment statements remaining in addition to notices and regulations.
  • All Remaining Documentation
  • Optional Contractor Or Subcontractor Contracts
  • All Required Applications, Approvals, And Permits
  • Insurance Information

14. Signature Execution

Both parties must sign this proposal to continue with the pool project; therefore, supply two signature lines. Each signature party must disclose their full name, title, and current date to complete execution accordingly.
  • Signature
  • Signature Date
  • Printed Name
  • Title
  • Company