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Deck (Patio) Proposal Template

A deck (patio) proposal is a bid on behalf of a construction company or independent contractor for a deck-building project. It should summarize the project, present the estimated cost, and demonstrate the construction company or contractor’s qualifications and ability to the client.

Types of Deck/Patio Proposals (5)

  1. Wraparound Patio – A deck that follows the dimensions of the house, possibly providing more than one point of entry to the house.
  2. Multi-Tier Deck – Often used for properties with uneven ground or on slopes. This type of deck has more than one level, often connected by stairs.
  3. Attached Deck – A deck that is only attached to the house with a walkway but is on the property. They may take nearly any shape depending on client preferences.
  4. Detached Deck – A deck or patio that is not attached to the house but remains on the property.
  5. Rooftop Patio – A patio or deck built directly on the roof of the house.

What Should Be Included (11 Clauses)

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Details
  3. Timeline
  4. Design
  5. Materials
  6. Permits & Regulations
  7. Cost Estimate
  8. Quality Assurance
  9. Portfolio
  10. Terms And Conditions
  11. Contact

1. Introduction

Begin the proposal by identifying the construction company or contractor issuing it. Display the construction business’s legal name and contact information. Then deliver a pitch to obtain a work contract with an overview of the deck-building project and the construction business’s qualifications to complete it.

  • Friendly Greeting, Company Information
  • Summary of Services And Qualifications
  • Experience, Goals
  • Reputation, Call To Action

2. Project Details

Lay out the scope of the deck building project for the potential client by giving a detailed analysis of the property and the tasks required for completion. Give specific dimensions and an accurate description of the proposed deck.

  • Dimensions Of Property
  • Structural/Environmental Conditions
  • Patio Deck Dimensions And Details
  • Set-Up, Construction, And Removal Descriptions

3. Timeline

Determine a reasonable timeline for the deck-building project then document the dates that define the start of the project, construction deadlines, and its finish date. Include a recording of the dates and times of work that will require payment.

  • Start And Complete Dates, Project Phase Date
  • Dates For Noteworthy Steps, Milestones, Deliverables
  • Construction Schedule For Company/Contractors

4. Design

Display the plans for the deck by presenting any drawings or 3D renderings of the completed project. Write out a description for each media item presented.

  • Diagram
  • Blueprints
  • 3D Renderings

5. Materials

Dedicate an area of the proposal to document the materials and supplies required to construct the deck or patio. Here, give the product name of each material or supply, how many units will be needed, and the cost of a single unit.

  • Material Or Product
  • Number Of Pieces Or Units
  • Unit Cost

6. Permits/Regulations

Research the permits that must be obtained to build a deck on the property, then list each one. Also, report any regulations directly applying to the property or the proposed deck-building project that require compliance.

  • List Of Required Permits
  • Proof Of Permit, Start Date, Duration
  • Local Authority

7. Cost Estimate

Calculate the total cost of the labor, materials, and permits required to complete the deck-building project. Record all of these figures as well as their total.

  • Labor Estimate
  • Material Estimate
  • Documentation Fees
  • Estimate Total

8. Quality Assurance

Address the safety concerns for this project with a discussion on the construction company’s safety and quality assurance policies and present the appropriate insurance and license credentials.

  • Materials, Supplies
  • Vendors, Producers, Distributors
  • Technical Specifications, Hazmat Documentation
  • Testing, Inspection, Approval

9. Portfolio

Show the construction company or contractor’s past successful projects. If possible, include references or client reviews.

  • Images Of Past Completed Deck Patios
  • Customer Testimony
  • References

10. Terms And Conditions

Document all conditions that will apply to the payment for the deck-building project. Discuss any available warranty options and establish the due date for payment in writing.

  • All Payment Requirements And Conditions
  • Due Date For Payment
  • Warranty Information

11. Contact

Finish this proposal with the contact information needed to directly contact the construction company representative issuing this bid or the independent contractor behind it.

  • Contractor or Company Representative Signature
  • Name And Date
  • Title And Company Name
  • Address And Contact Information