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Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Proposal Template

The Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) proposal reaches out to potential clients interested in remotely handling CFO tasks (i.e., cash flow management). This proposal is developed specifically for a company’s needs and must address the client’s needs and budget.

Types Of Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Proposals (10)

  1. Cash Flow Management – A proposal explicitly showing a firm’s CFO’s debt management strategies and capital optimization skills to companies seeking virtual cash flow management.
  2. Comprehensive Virtual CFO Proposal – This proposal offers a full suite of virtual CFO services, especially executive-level financial strategies.
  3. Customized CFO – A proposal that is developed to answer the needs of a specific client.
  4. Financial Analysis and Reporting Proposal—These proposals specifically present a virtual CFO’s assessment strategies for evaluating client financial statements and performance metrics.
  5. Fractional CFO – Accounting firms promote as-needed or part-time virtual CFO services in order to gain customers with budget concerns.
  6. Interim CFO – This document advertises temporary virtual CFOs to companies specifically seeking temporary financial management.
  7. Project-Based CFO—A proposal offering virtual CFO services during a specific project (e.g., mergers and acquisitions).
  8. Specialized Advisory – An accounting firm’s promotion of virtual CFO consultation service for a specific initiative, such as risk management.
  9. Startup CFO – Proposals specifically targeting startups or young companies that require virtual CFO functions such as investor relations.
  10. Strategic Financial Planning – Proposals that promote strategic advisory services, such as assessing investment opportunities.

What Should Be Included (14 Items)

  1. Cover Page
  2. Virtual CFO Proposal Introduction
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Scope Of Virtual CFO Accounting Services
  5. Client Information
  6. Proposal Objectives
  7. Virtual CFO Methodology
  8. Deliverables
  9. Timeline
  10. Fees And Payment Terms
  11. Terms And Conditions
  12. CFO Client Responsibilities
  13. Acceptance
  14. Appendices


1. Cover Page

Produce a cover for this document that makes a positive impression while informing the reader of its topics and sender. Keep the design in line with the rest of this proposal; however, make it distinctive.

  • Accounting Firm (Or CFO) Name, Contact Information

  • Virtual CFO Proposal Title/Project Number

  • Client Name, Client Contact Information

  • Submission Date, Sleek Graphic Design

  • Executive Summary, (Optional) Table Of Content

2. Virtual CFO Proposal Introduction

Identify the client as well as the virtual CFO accounting firm when introducing this proposal. Explicitly promote benefits gained from utilizing the virtual CFO.

  • Remote CFO Expertise, Outsourced CFO Solutions
  • Financial Advisory Services, Accounting Expertise
  • Strategic Financial Management, CFO Consulting
  • Business Performance Optimization, Profit Maximization
  • Cash Flow Management, Cost Reduction Strategies

3. Executive Summary

Produce a condensed discussion on this document’s subject matters. To clarify, give the client a reason to continue reading with attractive services and costs.

  • Virtual CFO Service, Financial Strategy Development
  • Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Financial Forecasting
  • Cash flow Management, Tax Planning, Cost Reduction
  • Risk Management, Decision Support Services, Accounting Expertise
  • Business Growth Planning, Regulatory Guidance Compliance

4. Scope Of Virtual CFO Accounting Services

Deliver a complete report on each virtual chief financial officer function that is covered by this document’s service level agreements. Explain each step scheduled for completion during each phase.

  • Profit Maximization Techniques, Financial Modeling
  • KPIs, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Risk Management
  • Investor Relation Support, Dashboard Controls
  • Tax planning, Monthly Financial Reviews
  • Risk management, Internal Controls, Variance Analysis

5. Client Information

Document the client’s legal name and contact information, then discuss their current status in addition to their business goals. Show clients how this proposal specifically answers their needs.

  • Startup Accounting Solutions, Entrepreneurial Accounting Support
  • SME Financial Management, Professional Accounting Services
  • Virtual CFO Solutions, Business Accounting Consulting, Budgeting
  • Financial Advisory, Strategic Financial Planning, Proactive Tax Planning
  • Online Accounting Support, Remote CFO Expertise

6. Proposal Objectives

Describe the goals of the proposed virtual CFO functions while convincing the client of the benefits. Accompany this discussion with a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Time-Bound) analysis of the virtual CFO service goals for the client accordingly.

  • Business Growth Planning, Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory
  • Tax Planning Optimization, Risk Management Strategies
  • Cash Flow Management, Financial Reporting Enhancement
  • Profit Maximization, Financial Analysis, Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Financial Process Optimization, Improved Financial Controls

7. Virtual CFO Methodology

Expand on the virtual CFO’s approach to reaching the proposed objectives while reiterating the benefits of success. For example, discuss how a financial target will be reached as well as the rationale behind it.

  • Financial Analysis Techniques, Profit Maximization Techniques
  • Strategic Financial Planning Methods, Cash Flow Management Strategies
  • Cost Reduction Methodologies, Decision Support Framework
  • Performance Measurement Methodologies, Business Growth Plans
  • Tax Planning Methods, Financial Reporting Standards

8. Deliverables

In this document, furnish a checklist of every product (e.g., financial statement) the virtual CFO guarantees. The client must also be informed of the milestones or deadlines for these items.

  • Cash Flow Statements, Budget Plans, Financial Reports
  • Balance Sheets, Compliance Documentation, Financial Forecasts
  • Tax Optimization Strategies, Risk Management Reports
  • Long-Term Financial Sustainability Plans, Cost Reduction Plans
  • Financial Performance Analysis, Business Growth Strategies

9. Timeline

Define operational communication protocols and procedures during the scope of the proposal. Furnish the preferred communication methods and all contact points in detail.

  • Project Schedule, Time Management, Duration
  • Milestone Targets, Deadline Management, Scheduling
  • Task Allocations, Timeframe Planning, Phases
  • Progress Tracking, Deadline Adherence, Adjustments
  • Time Management, Timeline Flexibility, Visualization

10. Fees And Payment Terms

Lay out every virtual CFO service bundle and discuss their benefits and costs comparatively. Also, any available customizations, especially those with cost-saving incentives, should be presented.

  • Fee Schedule, Pricing Structure, Payment Plans
  • Service Rates, Cost Breakdown, Pricing Options
  • Fee Agreement, Billing Terms, Payment Terms
  • Negotiable Rates, Flexible Payment Options, Payment Schedule
  • Transparent Pricing, Value-Based Pricing

11. Terms And Conditions

Summarize the contracts required for the next steps as well as supporting documents that must be acknowledged by signature. For example, discuss any confidentiality agreements or disclaimers that must be signed.

  • Outsourced CFO, Accounting Services
  • Business Advisory, Bookkeeping Services
  • Audit Preparation, Tax Planning Services
  • Financial Analysis, Small Business Accounting
  • Startup Accounting, Expense Management

12. CFO Client Responsibilities

Inform the client of the documents and access they must provide, in addition to any other responsibilities they carry. Also, the expected actions, such as during feedback periods, should be presented.

  • Timely Record-Keeping, Data Accuracy, Financial Record Access
  • Financial Data Management, Document Organization
  • Reporting Deadline Compliance, Tax Planning Discussions
  • Financial Transaction Transparency, Financial Recommendations
  • Confidentiality, Policy Compliance, Strategy Implementation

13. Acceptance

Wrap up the proposal with a reiteration of its content as well as a reminder of the contracts attached in the appendices. Develop an area where the client can acknowledge and accept this proposal accordingly.

  • Virtual CFO Services Acceptance, Accounting Proposal Acceptance
  • Financial Management Proposal Approval, Accounting Support Authorization
  • CFO Partnership Validation, CFO Responsibility Approval
  • CFO Engagement Ratification, Financial Advisory Consent
  • Financial Reporting Terms Agreement, Financial Matters Collaboration

14. Appendices

Compose the appendices of the supplementary material in addition to the proposal’s contracts. Include the oversized charts and other unwieldy documents for the purpose of producing a complete proposal.

  • Budget Reports, Financial Statements, Organizational Charts
  • Cash Flow Projections, Audit Reports, Strategic Plans, Service Agreements

  • Business Plans, Tax Documents, Forecasting Models, Case Studies
  • Compliance Documents, Financial Policies, Performance Metrics
  • Risk Assessments, Market Research, Client Testimonials